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embassy in london, to cairo egypt. today protests spread. >> everything is unraveling because the united states is weak. this president is not understand the importance of american leadership. >> reporter: other hot spots, iran, iraq, sudan, tunsia, gaza, yemin, india, afghanistan and lebanon. the violent mobs continue to be fueled by reaction to a film reportedly created by a man in southern california. >> we have seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over a horrible internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> reporter: the secretary of state urged arab spring nations to protect united states embassies, if not she said the its will. the united states will. >> they had a mission.
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they believed in it. they knew the danger. they accepted it. >> the president spoke about chris stevens saying he laid down his life for his friends libyan and american. >> officials are looking at the records of the man linked to the film. this is video shot outside what is believed to be the los angeles county home of the 55- year-old. he is a coptic christian with a criminal past. they are now looking into if he violated the terms of his five- year probation. today white house press secretary wide in on all the violence in the middle east and the movie that the administration said caused it. >> this is not a film that the united states government had anything to do with.
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we reject its message and content. we find it disgusting. >> reporter: he went onto say there is no justification for responding to the movie with violence. you will find continuing coverage of this story on air and online. go to the website. then click on the attack tab near the top of the page. >> a judge sentenced a man to 30 years jail for plotting to blow up the capitol building. he pled guilty in june to trying to use a weapon of mass destruction against federal property. he was arrested in february at a garage he was carrying a vest he thought had explosives. an undercover agent has provide that fake vest. investigator was tipped off about him. two marines are dead and several wounded after an attack on a military base in afghanistan. militants with rocket propelled grenades carried out the
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attack. . the base is shared british forces and is where prince harry is stationed. the video is from a previous ceremony at base. officials say it's to early to know if this was motivated by the video that is prompted muslim protests. >> fire investigators are looking into three suspicious fires all in the same area of antioch that all happened over 12 hour stretch. this fire started about 10:40 at the 99-cent store on sycamore store. investigators believe that it was set on purpose. they are trying to determine now if it's related to a fire earlier last night in some trees near l and 18th street. not faraway the more recent fire broke out near some trees just off l street. firefighters say it may have started in a homeless camp along the railroad tracks behind the house. it didn't reach the home itself
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but even so neighbors say it was scary. >> you never know what will happen. it starts with maybe -- the fence will go up and who do you know. >> again fortunately the fire didn't do any damage to the house. >> a family is mourning after the body of a young man was found in south american. the 18-year-old went on a spiritual retreat in the jungle in peru. he died on august 22nd after drinking tea made from a plant that caused. . about 20 protesters are gathered for a rally that's not aimed at wall street. kara lieu with why they say the government is spying on people who are justificationing their free speech rights. >> reporter: we have been
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watching group grow. there are about 50 right now. a lot of them holding signs. this is here at the federal building. they say they are also showing support for fellow protesters in the pacific northwest who refuse to testify in a grand jury investigation they believe is intended to put pressure on the occupy movement. violent clashes between protesters and police during occupy oakland last year. according to the aclu the fbi was keeping tabs on protesters. >> what's most interesting is that they are refusing to hand over documents siting national security. so, all the sudden political protest is a matter of national security? political protest is the nation's lifeblood. it's not a threat to the nation's security. >> reporter: the aclu obtained
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about a dozen documents by public records request including fbi reports on the oakland protest as well as an aalert to corporate security about an attempt to shut down the port of oakland. >> our concern is that the government shouldn't be spying on people doing their congressional rights. >> reporter: twitter handed over about three months of tweets from a wall street protester as part of a criminal trial. twitter had been threatened with steep fine itself it didn't cooperate. now we have seen both security guards and agents homeland security out here right now and throughout the afternoon. there have been no incidents so far. >> a judge in wisconsin today struck down a controversial law that restricted union rights for public workers.
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they ruled it violates the state and united states constitution. the measure was approved despite massive public protest. it eliminated collective baring for most public workers. wisconsin governor scott walker was a big champion of it and his spokesperson said he is confident that today's decision will be overturned on appeal. sales of homes in the bay area hit an important milestone last month going all the way back to prerecession days. tom here now with both the good and the bad side of today's news. >> reporter: in most cases it's a cellar's market now provided the seller is really a seller. >> we have been thinking about buying for the past three years. >> reporter: things finally lined up. >> mortgage rates are very low. we have been thinking about expanning the family and there
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was a house we just had to jump on. >> reporter: even if the for sale sign went up there were multiple over the asking price offers. the neighbor across the street is pleased but not surprised. >> priced right. it's in a great area, very family focused area with good schools, that's what people are looking for now. >> reporter: at least in marin a realtor said the days of denial and false hopes are finally over but not necessarily so in other counties. >> sell ers have acknowledged the adjustment in their prices and because they have they are being welcomed by ready buyers. >> reporter: in other words priced at 20% below the peak. august bay area home sales at their strongest since the prerecession days of 2006, 14% more homes sold than in august of last year and at prices almost 11% higher but make no mistake, better than the rest of the nation. >> it's such a dispart i
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encourage compliant clients to be caution. >> it's never a better time to buy. . >> ratings firm egaan jones cutting down the american rating. this after the reserve announced plans to buy mortgages. the company stripped them of a aa rating in july of last year. on wall street the announcement pushed stocks to their best level in years. the dow jones ended at their highest since 2007. nasdaq at its highest since 2000. >> threats made against three colleges in different parts of the united states. one in indiana sent out e-mail warning after grafitti said there would be dangerous
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criminal activity today. at the university of texas in austin authorities evacuated all campus buildings after someone claiming to be from al- qaeda said there were found. at north dakota state university in fargo20000 people evacuated after someone phoned in a bomb threat there. that was about 9:45 central time this morning. authorities didn't find anything and lifted the evacuation a little over three hours later. >> its been three weeks since a 70-year-old woman disappeared and authorities say they still don't have a clue as to where she is. deannea brooks said she was scheduled to leave august 24th to visit her 90-year-old mother in san diego and that's the last day anybody has reported seeing her. she would have been driving her 2003pt cruiser down highway 101. her family was searched in five counties but has found in sign. >> a police chase that starts
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here in vallejo, ended in front of this school in pleasant hill. we will tell you how it finally ended and why one officer fired a weapon. >> i'm back here at 5:20. we will talk about the bay area weekend. it's here and things will change a little bit. all the specifics. back at 5:20. lots of prepaid cards
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all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. . a wild police chase that started in vallejo this morning didn't end until the car crashed in front of a school in pleasant hill where an officer shot at the driver but missed. how the crash may have stem from the driver picking the wrong kind of road to go down. >> reporter: the principal of fair oaks elementary got to school, saw the damage and knew something happened. he learned that the damage to the pole to the front of the school and this gmc all left behind by a high speed chase
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that ended here. >> like -- like i said we have a school missioner system to put out the call and we are letting people know they can come and they are safe. >> reporter: the chase may have end in pleasant hill but started here at magazine and lincoln. this spot 16-mile away from where it ended. it started vallejo detectives spotted the suspect vehicle and connected to an ongoing investigation. but when officers tried to pull the driver over he took off. on 80, 780 and then 680 before getting off on monument boulevard. a short distance later the suspect came down lisa lane in pleasant hill and right behind it several police cars. he probably didn't know it was a dead end. >> just a lot of cop cars.
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we heard gun shots and police. two male drivers. >> reporter: as you can seat two men inside the car were arrested and are now in jail. >> police investigating the death of two people after their were found a motel room. a housekeeper found the bodies in a second floor room. police haven't released their names or genders and the cause of death isn't know. there are no suspects. this appears to be isolated incident. the power is back on in one neighborhood after a suspected drunk driver had the a power pole. police arrested a woman on suspicious of drunk driving after her van hit the power pole just before 1:30.
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the pole fell dropping live wires in to the middle of the street. right after the crash some 20 homes were without power. it knocked out power to traffic lights in that area. >> soon as we saw that popping noise the power went out. had to make you're way to the front of the house. >> pg&e said that crews installed a new power pole and all of the power was restored around three. >> robbers in southern california ended up trapped in what you may call their own web of mayhem. they used a bmw to hit an apple store. police released this tape that investigators say shows the two -- the robbers looting the store but look at what else it shows. the security gate dropped down trapping the car and the suspects inside. they did manage to escape after backing the car in to the gate. police were able to arrest them. more tonight on a story we brought you on wednesday.
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the bank robbery and police chase that had money flying on the streets of los angeles. la county deputies say they recovered $1,500, thrown out of the car during the chase but they hope to recover more. they are asking the public to turn in the cash to help investigators. police haven't said how much was taken from the b of a branch. three men were caught but a 4th is still on the loose. >> i-phone fever appears to be if full swing as delivery date for the new i-phone 5 is pushed back. apple started taking orders just after midnight for its latest smart phone. at first they promised delivery by next friday. that's when the i-phone goes on sale in stores. four hours later the expected delivery time had grown to two weeks indicating strong demand. apple stocks hit the all time high today. hpceo meg whittman said they are developing a new smart phone. she said the computer and printer company must offer a
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smart phone. she notice noted there will be country around the world where people may never own a computer, instead she said they will do everything on a smart phone. >> republicans have pushed a bill through that would phase out federal loan guarantees guarantees like those that went to solyndra. the act passed the house on a mainly party line vote. analysts say it has no chance of advancing though in the democrat led senate. staples reportedly may go private. several firms have been in talks with staples. that includes bain capitol city is romney's former company. staples cut it's profit and sales forecast for the last -- for the year last month because of slower growth in the united
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states economy and continued weakness in europe. >> driver on one of the busiest highways being adviced about a full road closure. highway 4 will be shut down for construction work early sunday work in antioch from midnight to six westbound and one to seven eastbound. detours will be put in place, its part of the eight lane widening project that's underway on highway four. >> well let's talk about the weather. seems like the same old, same old. a after that fog burned off. >> and the fog, burned off from the coast in the last couple hours, folks at the avenue in -- seeing the sun for the first time in a little while. patchy sun. that means warmer out there. temperatures in the low 60's. fog, little bit of fog here.
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they will throw that first pitch. probably more like 635 degrees. that's your ball game report. the a's will do well on a roll. forecast for tomorrow morning. right at 6:00 a.m. saturday. i still -- the model the last three days, i think the fog will be filled in along the coast as it was this morning and the morning before that. the model having trouble with that but with that said you have fog at coast and in the morning but the model very aggressive. i think tomorrow will be a lot like today. i think you will see sun down, down half moon bay. i think that you will see fog in the morning hours. forecast highs, the 90's. that's the red. that's the temperature foot print for saturday. not bad. lots of 70's. temperatures will be cooler
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tomorrow than today. golden gate park. 65 degrees. downtown satisfy by the ballpark. 66, 70 toward berkeley. these numbers look fall like. we had 90a now mid80s. you get toward the bay and east received antioch it's 88, 89 degrees. it's not going to be a hot day tomorrow. sunday looks like just a little cooler. when i come back here, back here at 5:45 we will go to your city with the forecast for that. five-day forecast, there are significant changes there, we will talk about that, i will see you back here at 5:45. have a great weekend. >> thank you bill. paying more for health care. the investigation into a number of california hospital chains that is trying to find if there is illegal activity behind rising costs. . anda a relay race underway in the bay area and the one thing that makes it so different.
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. several hospital chains here in california reportedly under investigation for possible price inflation. the wall street journal reports that think are investigating sutter health, dignity health and other firms. the attorney general reportedly will look at if consolidation between hospitals and doctor group social security inlegally inflating health care prices.
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. >> age does not seem to be a factor when it comes to suffering you try quit smoking. researchers looked at 100 teen smoker putting them in group that kept smoking those who didn't smoke for a day. those who quit for a day saw all the same symptoms smoking urges, mood swings and cravings as adults who have tried to quit. near three fought of -- the upshot of national test result that looked at if essays were well developed, organized and use proper language and grammer. the testers found only 27% could write well crafted essays. >> hundreds are off and running in a 200-mile relay race through the bay area. >> 3, 2, 1, go. >> the runners took off early this morning from san
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francisco's marina green. about 3800 are taking part in the second yearly ragnar relay race teams consist of 12 each with each member running three legs of the race. >> each leg is about five ody with a flash light or vest. teams decorate their vans, paint their faces, dress up in costume. it's a wild overnight running adventure. >> the race ends tomorrow at the fairgrounds. >> a fight over a neighborhood recycling center and community garden leads to a lawsuit and now a three day sit in . >> 82,000 people have applied to stay in the country under a new immigration program, so far only 29 have been given the green light. why advocates say that's great news. 4#çññevñmóñ
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. complete barry news coverage. >> it's one of the oldest recycling centers and urban gardens in san francisco but after it lost a lawsuit to stay open its days are numbered. the decision came after years of complaints neighbors. why one group is so determined to try to keep it open. >> reporter: they do have a lot of community support to keep the center and garden open but as you said they did just loose a two year long legal battle. now in response they are having a week in long sit in. they have musicians here, they are doing a number of classes and gardening workshops. they say this sit in is their last stand before they are forced off the land.
5:30 pm
its part recycling. >> up to 150 a visits a day. open six days a week. >> reporter: part community garden. the council -- they have been leasing city owned land since 1974. >> people can drop off card board and paper and other items for recycling if they miss their blue bin pick up or have to much. >> reporter: it was one of the first centers of it's kind but in 2010 the city's park department tied to terminate the lease. >> kind of became obsolete. >> reporter: some weren't happy with their neighbor. >> this decision was made after years and years of complaints from residents about the noise from the recycling center. >> reporter: they announced plans to replace the spot with another public garden and community center. in response the council put their own garden in place and
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refused to leave saying this center serves an important purpose. >> we have a policy of zero waste by 2020 so every ton of recycling counts and they need more centers. >> reporter: and the night over this land led up to a lawsuit that went all the way to the state supreme court but they lost that suit so they have until october 1st to leave this area and if they don't the sheriff's office will be called into remove them. live in san francisco. >> the volunteers are also hoping to preserve at least part of another san francisco community garden. the farm is a two acre site where the old central freeway on-ramp used to be. volunteers say half of that space is slated for condo development at the end of the year. >> it's the scheduled end of a successl agreement and the opportunity to forge a new
5:32 pm
agreement to continue to have such a wonderful community aspect. >> the group hopes to keep using the other half of the site for community gardening until it's developed for affordable housing. >> a group of people plan to gather in a few hours to remember a store clerk who was killed last weekend by armed robbers. it'll be held outside the store where the 67-year-old was shot and killed. it starts at 8:00 p.m. police are released what they say are surveillance photographs of the three robbers. you can see they were all wearing hooded sweatshirts and covering their faces. anyone with information is asked to call the police. >> san francisco police say that 49er fans better be careful how they treat the lions this sunday. undercover police dressed in red and gold niners gear or lions team color also patrol the stand. police say those officers will be watching for criminal activity and unruly fans.
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they will enforce laws against counterfeits, police went undercover back in contractual for the 49er playoff game against the giants. >> starting tomorrow. amazon will charge sales tax for customers in california but the tax may not be as big as first thought. amazon said it doesn't plan to collect sales tax on products sold by third parties and those third party are about 40% of the listings on amazon. . 16 people have now received lifetime bans two years after a sexual abuse scandal involving swimming coaches and volunteers. according to usa swimming they are accused of having inappropriate relationships with underage swimmers. the bans are part of a wide ranging program that among other things led to enhanced background checks for nearly 36,000 coaches nationwide. >> the first of the work
5:34 pm
permits promised by the president to certain illegal immigrants have been issued. christian live in the city's mission district with why some are urging anyone interested in the program to act quickly. >> and communities like the mission here with high immigrant populations, this is already big news. they are following every detail. across the country more than 82,000 have applied in the last month. so far just 29 of those work permits have been issued. despite that number immigration rights are excited says it's an encouraging start they estimate that more than 1.2 million young undocumented immigrants could qualify for the program. under the plan young immigrants who were brought illegally as children can get a two year reprieve from being deported work here illegally. maria said that young immigrants in san francisco have shown a lot of interest.
5:35 pm
>> children who came here through no fault of their own have been living here since their childhood and live in the shadows mainly and i think this provides the opportunity for them to step out of the shadows. >> reporter: here in the bay area they would have to come here to the office for fingerprinting and criminal background checks. nationwide three quarters of those who apply are now scheduled for those checks. >> post up as much information as possible. >> reporter: randall is an attorney who said some worry they could be deported if they apply. he said that trying to add that many people would overwhelm the deportation system and he is telling clients to take advantage of the program now. >> finding most of the clients are more than happy to have two years where they can lead normal lives with the hope that we will have something more permanent then. >> reporter: now we learned today that workers will get social security numbers but the
5:36 pm
attorneys say it's not a path to citizenship, just a two year reprieve from deportation. >> kansas is considering a request to remove the president's name from the state ballot. a republican controlled board is looking in to the president a birth certificate. he released his birth certificate last year showing he was born in hawaii. the kansas o board has put off decisions until monday saying it doesn't have enough information but the kansas secretary of state said that i don't think this is a fr ivulo us rejection. romney said that the president failed to fill a campaign promise about the economy. >> we were supposed to be at 5.4% unemployment by now under the president's recovery plan. instead we are above 8% and that difference is not just a
5:37 pm
couple of points, that difference is nine million families. >> romney said middle income families treading water right now. the former massachusetts governor campaigned in ohio which is a key battleground state. the latest real clear politics average of national poles shows him trailing the president by about 4%. >> it could have been a lot worse than it looked. the big drop, this bus took and why nobody was hurt. >> happiness and relief today as troops return home to the bay area and their families after a year in afghanistan. how they were welcomed back. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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. empty bus rolled off the side of a freeway overpass in downtown los angeles during rush hour this morning. the bus had broken down and a supervisorrer was trying to start it from an outside panel. the brakes released and the bus slammed in to the supervisorrer's van and then went over the guardrail onto that ramp below. nobody was hurt. american airlines upgrading the technology on its planes. they said they are moving forward with plans to replace heavy charts in the cockpit with i-pads. the faa approved the use last year but they will be the first to use them from gate to gate.
5:41 pm
it's expected to save them a million dollars a year. american said its planning to be all digital by the end of the year. >> the fda has now issued an aalert about imported mangos from a mexican packing house. the import alert means the united states won't accept mangos from the company unless it can show testing that proves that they are safe. they were voluntarily recalled last month after they were linked to 105 illnesses in 16 states. no at six, we have heard plenty about the hontavirus but the illness may be more widespread than first thought. >> the san francisco zoo has hired it's first professor in residence. the doctor holds a doctorate and joins the zoo as to how to keep the animals mentally
5:42 pm
healthy. he has done work on how architect eura effects them and he will work on how to help them act the way they would in the wild. >> how about that? home at last. emotional reunion in the south bay that was one year in the making. >> i'm back here in just a couple minutes. right to the bay area weekend. the fog cleared off at the coast. what does that mean for the next couple days in i will show you.
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. new at fine, absolutely
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wonderful moments today as bay area soldiers returned home from afghanistan. robert honda live in mountain view to show you the reunion and also bitter sweet moments today. >> reporter: it has been a hectic but happy day for the soldiers, one that ended here in mountain view. it was emotional time to be welcomed back and to say good- bye. family friends and the patriot guard riders greeted 18 soldiers from the 445th civil affairs battalion at the san jose airport after a year during reconstruction projects in afghanistan the unit commander of san carlos sid is he ready to takes order from his children. >> looking forward to catching up with my son and my young daughter. >> reporter: >> it's so wonderful to so him. its been a long time that patrick has been away. exciting to have him home today
5:46 pm
and back with the family. >> reporter: it was a feeling repeated by others. >> being home is -- made me speechless. >> reporter: the soldiers were escorted 16-miles to the army reserve center in mountain view where others joined in the celebration. >> most in the world doesn't know what we go through but you do. >> reporter: then in the middle of the women come back it was time for the unit to say good- bye to each other. > attention. a. >> we depended on each other. emotionly and to look out for each other. tough to say good-bye. >> reporter: and it did seem that way but the soldiers are reserved many will get the chance to reunite for drills in two months. robert honda. channel 2news. >> the white house warned that billions of dollars in scheduled spending cuts would be devastating.
5:47 pm
a new government report showing the defense department would take a 9.4% cut and medicare would be slashed by 2%. the budget cuts would kick in as lawmakers can't find ways to lower the debt but a congressman said is he confident that lawmakers will reach an agreement. >> you remember when you were in high school, when did you study for the test? just before the test. the test happens in the next three months. >> reporter: the congress has until the end of the year to come up with tax hikes or other spending cuts to prevent the automatic cuts. a coast guard cutter in the east bay brought back more than four tons of cocaine taken during a drug bust avenue the coast of central and south america. they unload from in the cutter at naval base san diego. it was among several ships conducting drug operations in the eastern pacific. officials say the operations led to the arrest of 22 suspected smugglers. >> dozens of students are a
5:48 pm
big step closer to a new claire. the medical devices technology program held their graduation ceremony this morning. they looked at new technology in the bio tech industry and one said that getting through the program wasn't easy. >> very, very challenging program. times i wanted to quit but i'm a person that likes to follow through and i -- i made it through. >> officials say that the program which is in its second year has helped several laidoff workers get back on their feet. the virginia board of health approved abortion clinic regulations that include strict building standards that abortion rights activists oppose. they have held several protests against those regulations, they say they are meant to put the clinics out of business. the regulations require virginia's 20 existing clinics to meet the same standards as new hospitals.
5:49 pm
>> the pope today started a three day visit to the arab world in the middle of deadly protests. he did a mass, he called fundmentists a false religion. he said that importing arms to syria would be when he called a grave sin. refugees asked him to pray for peace in their homeland. >> let's go back now and talk more about our waste the weekend here -- looks like things good. >> a lot going on this week. you have the giants playing tonight and all weekend. and you have the 49ers playing on sunday night at candlestick. lot going on the weather will be great. we go outside. want to point out how the fog pulled away from the coast. little bit of fog at the southend of ocean beach. we are getting a little bit of clearing that bodes well in to the bay area weekend. the fog will be there but it'll be holes in it. lue see sun in the golden gate park. sun in -- earlier than you did today right through the bay
5:50 pm
area weekend. these were the highs from today there. is the heat, antioch 91 degrees. 88 livermore and just cools off around the bay. 70, 82 concord. highs tomorrow. cooler than that. inland temperatures tomorrow will be mid80s. then most of us in the mid70's, classic fall pattern. overnight lows chilly, upper 340's in the north bay. the extended period looking for a nice weather forecast. into this week, and beyond. we don't have any red flag warning, high fire danger environment and that's good. this is a time of year that stuff gets going and the fire down in los angeles their conditions aren't off shore winds but this is the time of year you don't worry and i don't see anything in the long range models indicating a big fire danger in the next few days or the next week. warm today, 90 inland as we go in tomorrow those temperature also come down. specifically the forecast highs, 88 saint helena. 89 fairfield. that's -- just a click under
5:51 pm
90. 91 pittsburgh, 91 livermore. a couple 90's. 87 morgan hill. 86gilroy. then a 62 san francisco and a 77 in menlo park. it's a really nice day tomorrow. the five-day forecast with the weekend in view. just subtle changes. that's how its been the last few weeks, fog tries to make a big deal at the coast but it comes in and out. notice monday, tuesday and wednesday a lot like this weekend. ly be back at 6:20 and we will look at the -- look at -- we will look at tahoe forecast. yeah. i got -- tahoe. getting cold up there. thank you. >> it's a smart phone app that could save your life. we will take tout nation's capitol where bay area fire chief was showing it off and explaning how it works. wgs3çy u:'g&:?o[)!
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. new study shows americans spending a lot when it comes to pain. researchers, say $635 billion is spent every year on health care expenses and loss of production due to chronic pain. that's more than the health care cost for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. >> how about this? now an emergency app for when someone has a heart attack. east bay fire chief revealed
5:55 pm
the technology today in the nation's capitol. >> without intervention a cardiac arrest victim only has about ten minutes to live. cpr suspends time. it stops that ten minute clock and it sustains life until advance care can arrive. >> reporter: that's richard price from the fire department taking part in what the white house calls a safety data poloosa. he helped create the app for emergency medical response. it alerts people who have been trained in cpr when a person nearby is suffering sudden cardiac arrest. >> i only have a couple of dozen paramedics on duty each day covering 155 square miles. i have about 17,000cpr trained citizens across that same area. that's quite a force multiplier. while the trained citizen starts ypr the app dispatches the nearest paramedic and finds
5:56 pm
the location of the closest defiblirator. it's already in use at 7 public service agencies. >> that teacher strike we have been telling you about if chicago could soon end. both side's have reached the deal that could bring students back to class by monday. they didn't disclose any details but the teacher's union helped the delegates set to vote on the deal on sunday. major sticking point includes the teacher evaluation and if employee was laid off should get pref presence for new job openings movement samsung has had another set back. a federal judge today denied their request for a ban on imports of the i-phone, i-pad and i-pod. both companies are accuse the other of patent infringement. last month the san jose jury found that samsung violated patents. the jury found that samsung must pay apple more than a billion dollars in damages.
5:57 pm
>> hontavirus has a lot of the visitors to yosemite on alert. in just two minutes we look at the risk of getting the virus right here in the bay area.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. a final welcome home chris stevens. what the secretary of state said made the east bay native and american diploma, t so unique. >> and the ring here in the bay area for hontavirus. >> complete the bay area news coverage starts right now this is the news at six. >> good evening. >> the hontavir us crisis growing a 9th person with the infection. new, we have learned how common the virus is here in the bay area. john fowler live on mount diablo with what campers need to know. john. >> experts say that the oak and pinewood land is a favorite for the rod entities carrying the virus. deer mice eat these pine cones. there may be as many as 200 or 300 mice per acre here

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 8, United States 5, Afghanistan 5, Samsung 3, California 3, Kansas 3, Los Angeles 3, Oakland 3, Chris Stevens 2, Honda 2, Southern California 2, Wisconsin 2, Antioch 2, Vallejo 2, Virginia 2, San Diego 2, John Fowler 1, Patrick 1, Niners 1, Bain Capitol City 1
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